Carbon & Engage series

Join Our wonderful community and let others support causes within your organization
Compatible with:

Verifone's Carbon & Engage Series.

1. Signup

If you haven't sign up already, go to the retail signup page and register your business.

2. Get your terminal short-code.

The sign up process ends up sending to you an 8-digit short-code, this will be used within the app setup.

3. Add the WorldCoo app into your terminals.

Download and install the WorldCoo App from the Verifone's marketplace.

4. App configuration.

On you terminal screen, click on the WorldCoo APP, an input field will be prompt, insert here the short-code emailed to you during the sign-up process. Repeat this process on every terminal you have, using the same short-code!

6. Ready to go!

Your terminal is now ready to start funding projects!