WorldCoo for prestashop

Join Our wonderful community and let others support causes within your organization
Compatible with prestashop:

1.5, 1.6 and 1.7

1. Signup

If you haven't sign up already, go to the signup page and register your e-commerce.

This process will end up sending to you an email with a set of credentials, required on the step 6 of this manual. This credentials identify your shop.

2. Download WorldCoo's prestashop add-on.

Go to Prestashop Marketplace and download the module by clicking here: Prestashop Add-ons

3. Open your prestashop admin panel.

Go to "Modules and Services > Modules and Services"

Click on "Add new module" on the up-right corner.

4. Add the module into your prestashop.

Click on "choose file" and pick the file previously donwloaded.

Click on upload the module.

5. Install your module.

Go to the module list, search for "WorldCoo".

Click on the "install" button placed on the same line.

6. Configure the module.

Once installed, a configuration button will appear, click on it.

Select the environment you want to install (test mode active or not)

Introduce the credentials emailed to you on step 1 of this manual

7. Make a donation test.

Go over your checkout and make a donation test. The widget should appear on your payment method step (by default).

Only payed orders generate valid donations.

8. Go to production!

Once tested, you will get an email after 24h/48h with your production credentials.

9. Ready to GO!